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Collection of top quality fancy yarns produced just with natural valuable fibers (mohair, alpaca, camel, silk and cashmere), with a great visual impact, destined to the most representative clients in the Prêt-à-Porter field and the leaders among Italian and foreign stylists.

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Collection of fancy yarns realized with a blending of natural and synthetic fibers. High fashion content and careful evaluation of the rapport between quality and price are its characteristics. Sportive but at the same time refined product, it comprehends, among other things, soft and light brushed mohair.

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Collection of classic yarns in pure merino wool, and in valuable blendings, with a particular attention to extra-fine merino yarns, viscose-wool and silk-wool, with anti-felting treatments of the wools, a specific of very high quality productions.

Collection purposely studied for hand knitting, with fancy yarns and eccentric innovations, allowing a continuous renewing of special effects, maintaining Igea’s high quality
Concept&Design | Technical partner Nephila | 2011 - Tutti i diritti riservati